Success Stories

At the point when searching for a Photographer, the most essential thing to me was to discover a photographic artist who really captures the feeling of euphoria, laughter, and adoration. That is precisely what we got from The Vivah Story’s delightful pictures!


I was really blown away when I saw our wedding pictures, they are completely great! In case you're perusing this audit thinking about whether you ought to book them, stop, and go book them, like now! You will love it 🙂


WOW! I have had nothing only heavenly compliments on our wedding pictures. From our first discussion on the telephone to the last email I have delighted in every interacting. Getting pictures brought with him was energizing and if not for time plans I would have wanted to take more. Everybody looks fabulous in our photos and he caught such a variety of surprising minutes. You would feel fortunate to have him take pictures for you!


At the point when my life partner and I settled on having our Wedding Ceremony at the Radisson Blue Hall the first thing we began to scan for was a photographer. Booking a photographer was number one on our priority list because we needed to capture every moment of our special day. When searching photographer online gone through many websites of the Photographers and also seen the images of The Vivah Story, we love their work on the website and fix the meeting. But being the type of person that likes to do a lot of research before making a decision we continue to look at other photographers but none got us as excited as the work we had seen from The Vivah Story.
Following a couple of hours spend taking a gander at different photographic artists we took a gander at one another and said "we need to book The Vivah Story at the earliest" so we did.!!!
We got the pictures within a week, not as much as a month after. We completely cherish the photos!! The client service was incredible as well. The booking procedure was simple and quick.
If you are debating on regardless of whether to book The Vivah Story for your uncommon day don't consider it any further and book them. Trust me you will love it!!


Mohit was AMAZING! He was caring and considerate, creative and attentive. He was very polite and took the time to talk and email a lot ahead of time so he could deliver just what we wanted we were having a destination wedding and couldn't meet him prior. His photos are incredible, particularly his capacity to get the hues and lighting to flawlessness. He gave the photographs rapidly after the wedding, much speedier than my friend’s photographer. We have gotten compliments on our wedding photographs like you wouldn't accept; large portions of my relatives have let us know that they've never seen better wedding photographs taken. I feel so fortunate that my spouse had The Vivah Story.